Promotional Films

Whether you’re a school, a cinema, a business or a band, these days promotion is the key to success. We will work closely with you to fully understand and meet your needs to promote you in the way you want to be promoted.

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Plaza Community Cinema

This promotional film was filmed and edited by Mari Jones – one of the young people who Ian taught on the Amplifi Channel project for the MDA.

Mari was given the chance to develop her skills by Cottonfield due to her excellent technical skills and attitude.

“Mari is the perfect example of what we set out to achieve. Someone who has never made a film before finds they have a talent and are given a chance to develop.” Ian

Features original music by John.


Cash for Kids

A short version of a promotional film we produced for Radio City's Cash For Kids Charity, featuring some of the children, families and places that have been supported by Cash For Kids. This version was shown at the Star Ball Presentation, the full version is 12 minutes long and further explores the positive imapct Cash For Kids have had on people's lives.

"It was very emotional to hear the stories and to find out how Cash For Kids have helped so many people. It's fantastic to know that what they are doing is appreciated and making a difference." Ian.