Documentary Films

If you have anything you would like documenting – a production, a course, recording an album, making a film, a birthday or any other event, then Cottonfield Films is here for you.

Our dedication to your cause is second to none and we can provide a service to film and edit your documentary, encoding it for both DVD and the web, so get in touch now…


A studio documentary of the recording of Harp Keys, a track from our forthcoming feature film Condemned Man.

Featured in the video are: Paul Duckworth (vocals), Anne-Marie Howard (vocals), Line Haukland (cello), Rachael Gladwin (harp), James McLean (congas), James Pagella (Sound recordist/engineer)

Filmed at Kif Studios in Liverpool.


Cultural Conversations

A documentary from 2007 in which five local artists from Liverpool, a rapper, burlesque dancer, musician/photographer, painter, mask-maker discuss their feelings and hopes for the city’s Capital Of Culture year 2008.

This film was screened at the Fact Cinema in Liverpool in November 2007.