Drama Films from Cottonfield Films

Cottonfield Films is experienced in short film production. We can help with everything from scriptwriting, through production and post-production. We can also provide original music and sound effects for your films.

Ian is also a scriptwriter, and can turn his hand to any style or genre of film, so if you are looking to hire, collaborate or want someone to edit your script, then please contact us.


The Meeting

This was inspired by the Jim Jarmusch film Coffee and Cigarettes.

“I wanted to make a film of two people sitting at a table, talking. As I was writing, my Tom Waits influence came out, too!” Ian.

The film gave sound engineer Jim Mulhearn the chance to play two characters at once.

“ I enjoyed the challenge of filming the same actor on screen at the same time.” Ian

The production also gave Mari another opportunity to develop her skills and experience with Cottonfield Films.